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Standswithbear's Services

Welcome to Standswithbear's sessions category. In this section of services you will find all the various sessions that Standswithbear offers. This is a complete list of his psychic, healing, starseed, and custom sound healing sessions. Be sure to also check out Standswithbear's Music CD's.

Psychic & Channeling Sessions

Standswithbear Psychic SessionsWith incredible accuracy, Standswithbear offers clear, powerful psychic readings that go beyond your average psychic experience. He is a master empath, psychic extraordinaire, and a powerful trans-channel for high-level spiritual beings of the highest order of Christ Consciousness; the Angelics, Elementals, and Divine Masters. His ability to perform precise....cont...
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Sample of Standswithbear's Channeling from his Tibetan Master Guide, Mai Ling. Channeled from CD The Integration of "The Ascent" Celestial Masters Series 2
~ By Lightstar


Starseed Activations, Alignments, and Healing Sessions

Standswithbear Starseed Activations, Alignments, and Healing SessionsAs a Starseed Ambassador and Master Healer, Standswithbear provides targeted sessions to support brother and sister starseeds who have vital missions to accomplish here on Earth in this turbulent period of time. Now is the time for starseeds around the globe, and beyond, to re-awaken from their amnesia, claim their multi-dimensional space origins ....cont...
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Standswithbear Custom Musical Alchemy Sound Healing Session

Standswithbear Custom Musical Alchemy Sound Healing Session

With his background in rock, native, and celtic traditions, Standswithbear offers a very unique combination of musical alchemy for his customized sound healing sessions. His success as a musician has its roots established from his core ability to play music directly and spontaneously through spirit. While the technicalities of reading ....cont...
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Standswithbear's Starseed Activations & HealingsStarseed galactic remembrance activation, Re-booting of subtle energy bodies, Removal of negative & past programming, Soul and aura field clearing, Starseed celestial re-connections, Psi energy and entity removals...and so much more!!!!