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Standswithbear's Galactic Awakening
Starseed Sessions

Standswithbear Starseed Activations, Alignments, and Healing Sessions

As a Starseed Ambassador and Master Healer, Standswithbear provides targeted sessions to support brother and sister starseeds who have vital missions to accomplish here on Earth in this turbulent period of time. Now is the time for starseeds around the globe, and beyond, to re-awaken from their amnesia, claim their multi-dimensional space origins, and re-align with their essential purposes. Too many starseeds have been deceived by society and thus have adopted a false sense of self. They feel lost or disconnected, emotionally drained, misunderstood, carry traumas from both existing and past incarnations, and/or have persistent and unexplained health issues.

By engaging in a series of energetic, cosmic, and holographic procedures, Standswithbear will re-activate vitality and re-align the intergalactic pathways for fragmented starseeds, so they can restore clarity and balance to their energetic systems.

Standswithbear proudly presents his NEW Galactic Awakening Sessions and Packages!

Each level in these sessions has been designed to not only enhance awaken and restructure your overall being, but to become a catalyst for your growth and empower you through remembrance, Angelic and Starseed encodements and reignite that beautiful liquid golden light that has always been a part of YOU!

In the world and within yourselves long ago we experienced what is now known to many as “The Great Forgetting.” The very reason these incredible sessions were created just for you.

Why have we all gone through life simply wandering through chance and circumstance when we have always had the ability to go beyond even ourselves….. Don’t you think it’s time to RECLAIM YOUR POWER.

You are more than you could ever imagine and these sessions, created by Standswithbear via his beloved Star Family and Lightstar, were born of love and passion to awaken and reconnect you to YOU!

So let us begin your journey together.

Choose Your Star Deck:

The Captains Chair PACKAGE
($499 ~ $54 OFF PLUS BONUS)

INCLUDES Levels 1, 2, & 3 PLUS Bonus Gift: ~ 1 FREE Digital Download of: All 4 of Standswithbear’s world renown CD’s “ In Love of My Ancestors” “Ancient Heart” “Return to Zen” and “Spirit Visions”

Star Deck Level 1 Ensign ~ $177

Ready yourself Ensign: In this first level Standswithbear will tap into your lifestream and Akashic Recordings to help initiate and rediscover you and the true purpose and reason you came to this world. Another important factor in this level is the clearing of past Karmic residue as well as, soul and auric field cleansing. This level is quite important as it will begin to awaken you to new realities of self and empowerment which will set the stage for the next levels that you will receive.

  • Starseed mission alignments or re-alignments
  • Starseed celestial re-connections
  • Past life karmic clearings
  • Soul and aura field clearing

Star Deck Level 2 Lieutenant ~ $177

Ready yourself Lieutenant: In this level Standswithbear will focus on the restructurization of your whole being inside and out, as he will remove any entities that are preventing your growth and shatter the barriers they have put into place. His technique of using Psi energy is profound and life changing as the removal of these blockages will allow the energy to flow as intended. Then he will focus upon your past programming of self-doubt and self-worth… all the things that have disempowered you in this life. Once this is achieved you will be given various techniques to maintain them.

  • Holographic DNA re-structurization 2.0
  • Psi energy and entity removals
  • Removal of negative & past programming
  • Techniques for maintaining your energy field and shielding

Stardeck Level 3 Commander ~ $199

Welcome to your NEW vessel Commander! And that vessel is YOU! By now you have either completed the first two levels or you know within your own being that you are the Commander of your own vessel. In this level Standswithbear will take your Holographic DNA Restructurization to a whole new level. Using ancient healing techniques taught to him by his Star Family, utilizing Seichim energy healing as well as Angelic and Galactic encodements, energy signatures that are for your energy patterns and enhancement. From there he will be right by your side in an incredible Visionary Regression and guided journey to meet your past present and future selves to finally reside into the present and anchor them into what we call the NOW TIME CONSTRUCT

  • Holographic DNA re-structurization 4.0
  • Ancient Seichim energy healings
  • Angelic and galactic encodement
  • Visionary regressiona and guided journeys
Choose Your Star Deck:

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Standswithbear Music CD'sStandswithbear's music is definitely not your ordinary Native American music. It is a combination of celestial, Rock, and Native Spirit combined, in a unique genre of it's own called, "Native Edge." You'll will love his music, and so will your friends. Great gifts!