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Standswithbear Psychic & Channeling Sessions

Standswithbear Psychic Sessions

With incredible accuracy, Standswithbear offers clear, powerful psychic readings that go beyond your average psychic experience. He is a master empath, psychic extraordinaire, and a powerful trans-channel for high-level spiritual beings of the highest order of Christ Consciousness; the Angelics, Elementals, and Divine Masters. His ability to perform precise instant past life recall and remembrance is uncanny and profound. His popularity and repeat clients attest to the strength and transformational qualities of his readings; he has countless life-changing testimonials behind him. Standswithbear is sought-after by clients world-wide for his unique intuitive approach, accuracy, and divine gifts.

By scanning your life-stream, Standswithbear receives valuable information about your current, past, and future life situations, and offers powerful and often life–altering insights. Through his gift of connection with a magnificent and vast array of light-based spirit guides, he will share wisdom and spiritual perspectives to support you in progressing forward. Standswithbear’s guides will attune to your own spirit guides and provide pertinent and loving assistance from them directly. Truly, Standswithbear’s readings are a definite must experience!

Standswithbear also offers private trans-channeling sessions, and private one-on-one or group teaching sessions on how to be a trans-channel. Contact him for more information on these services.

In the Psychic or Channeling Session, you will receive one or more of the following:

  • Psychic and Empathic Readings
  • Angelic, Elementals, or Divine Masters Spirit Guidance
  • Channeling from the Divine Masters
  • Soulpathic Readings
  • Instant Past Life Recall and Remembrance

Sessions are in blocks of 30, 60, and 90 minutes in length. The 90 minute Psychic/Shielding Package includes extra and specialized techiques for assistance with empowerment and rebuilding of your personal shielding systems. In this unique package, you will not only receive Standwithbear's highly attuned ability to read your lifestream, but a bonus half hour instruction of shielding techniques he uses himself everyday.

Choose Your Session:
Sample of Standswithbear's Channeling from his Tibetan Master Guide, Mai Ling. Channeled from CD The Integration of "The Ascent" Celestial Masters Series 2
~ By Lightstar

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Standswithbear Music CD'sStandswithbear's music is definitely not your ordinary Native American music. It is a combination of celestial, Rock, and Native Spirit combined, in a unique genre of it's own called, "Native Edge." You'll will love his music, and so will your friends. Great gifts!