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Standswithbear Custom Musical Alchemy Sound Healing Session

Standswithbear Custom Musical Alchemy Sound Healing Session

With his background in rock, native, and celtic traditions, Standswithbear offers a very unique combination of musical alchemy for his customized sound healing sessions. His success as a musician has its roots established from his core ability to play music directly and spontaneously through spirit. While the technicalities of reading notes and music are valid, one can only take the intellect of the mind so far. If the spirit is missing, the music falls flat. With a tremendous ear for composing, Standswithbear is capable of creating the most beautiful songs directly from within his soul, and the spirit of The Creator.

With this commissioned musical alchemy session, Standswithbear can create tailor-made music and songs for you to be used in a variety of applications. His session music can be used for personal sound healing, business uses, custom website music, special events and parties, weddings and bereavement ceremonies, recordings for professional music, background music for guided visualizations and meditations, just to name a few. The music he creates is 100% attuned to your particular vibration, utilizing an assortment of instruments including native flutes, keyboards, crystal bowls, voice-toning, amongst others. Because of the healing qualities of his music, many people have reported spontaneous healings, and inspirations. According to A & R Select, “Randell is more than a musician. He is a healer whose musical compositions are the salve of divine cures.” And another listener recounts, "Randell’s music paints beautiful pictures within the heart.”

For this session, Standswithbear will need your full name as it appears on your birth certificate, your birth date, and a photograph of yourself of which your eyes are clearly visible in the photo. Please email this information to with “SWB Musical Alchemy Session” in the subject line.

In this Custom Musical Alchemy Session, you will receive the following:

  • Personalized assessment of healing project
  • Custom songs or sound files in digital format
  • If requested, a hard copy music CD and graphical cover can be created (for an additional fee)

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Standswithbear Music CD'sStandswithbear's music is definitely not your ordinary Native American music. It is a combination of celestial, Rock, and Native Spirit combined, in a unique genre of it's own called, "Native Edge." You'll will love his music, and so will your friends. Great gifts!