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Activational Co-Creative Therapy Session
With Standswithbear & Lightstar

Activational Co-Creative Healing Session with Standswithbear & Lightstar

WonderTwin Powers, Activate! This power-packed session is one of the most expansive sessions you’ll ever experience. Be ready to see the truth of who you are, and be ready to embrace it. Lightstar and Standswithbear will combine their gifts to assist you in moving beyond the illusion of limitations. In this session, you will receive a variety of attunements, activations, healings, and messages that can greatly assist with your current situation. Depending on what is right for you at the current time of your session, you will receive one or more of the following:

• Vibrational Sensory Healing
• Celestial Messages
• Star Lineage and/or Light Language Transmissions
• Comprehensive Energetic, Etheric, and Physical Scanning
• Holographic Remapping
• Soulpathic Readings
• Oracle Readings
• Chakra Balancing & Regeneration
• Destiny Path Alignments
• Visionary Regression
• Cellular & Etheric Repair
• Auric Cleansing
• Health & Wellness Readings

What Are The Benefits of This Session?

• Receive Spiritual Inspiration and Physical Rejuvenation at Core Levels
• Gain Clarity and Direction For Your Soul’s Purpose
• Clear Your Energetic Field of Negative or Blocked Energies
• Experience Profound Healing From Holographic and Celestial Modalities
• Receive Custom Frequency Upgrades, Attunements, and Re-Alignments To Initiate Ascension Codes
• Receive Life-Changing Insights and Transformational Messages


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Standswithbear Music CD'sStandswithbear's music is definitely not your ordinary Native American music. It is a combination of celestial, Rock, and Native Spirit combined, in a unique genre of it's own called, "Native Edge." You'll will love his music, and so will your friends. Great gifts!